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How exactly to confirm profiles that are dating TinEye

Some tips on how TinEye can help you verify dating profiles with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, and February being the month of love, we want to give you, our online dating friends.

As online dating sites have grown to be popular, unfortuitously, so has dating fraudulence. American victims of online love frauds destroyed a lot more than $87 million in 2014, as well as in a Consumer Reports survey, 12% of study individuals stated these people were scammed. It’s important to ensure that you can establish confidence in who you’re talking with: specially when this can be done prior to the discussion also starts!

One of the better methods for you to begin to validate a profile that is dating by confirming their pictures with TinEye. TinEye crawls the net for images and makes use of image recognition to look a picture for matches on the web.

If TinEye discovers a match for his or her profile picture, the outcomes, which aim with other sites on the net which have the image, can inform you more. If it image happens to be trusted, or even even even worse, available on anti-scammer database web sites, you might be coping with a scammer.

It is possible to search their image on TinEye utilizing the following practices:

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