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Cost limit consultation, further analysis

The FCA consulted commonly on the proposed cost limit with different stakeholders, including industry and customer teams, professional figures and academics.

In July, the FCA estimated that the result associated with the cost limit is that 11% of present borrowers would no further get access to pay day loans after 2 January 2015.

In the 1st five months of FCA legislation of credit rating, the sheer number of loans and also the quantity lent has fallen by 35%. To simply simply simply take account for this, FCA has gathered extra information from firms and revised its quotes associated with the effect on market exit and lack of use of credit. We currently estimate 7 per cent of present borrowers might not have access to payday advances – some 70,000 individuals. they are those who are very likely to will be in an even even worse situation should they have been awarded that loan. Therefore the cost limit protects them.

Into the July assessment paper the FCA stated it anticipated to see significantly more than 90percent of companies playing real-time information sharing. Current progress ensures that involvement in real-time data sharing is with in line with your objectives. And so the FCA is certainly not proposing to consult on guidelines about that at the moment. The progress made is going to be held under review.

The last policy declaration and guidelines. The cost limit will be evaluated in 2017.

Records to editors

  1. Cost limit on high-cost short-term credit: Policy Statement 14/16Proposals consulted on: place unchangedThe limit could have three components: a short price limit; a limit on standard charges and interest; and an overall total expense limit. View full sized image PDF

Initial price limit

  1. The initial expense limit will likely be set at 0.8% associated with outstanding principal a day, on all interest and costs charged through the loan so when refinancing. Continue reading Cost limit consultation, further analysis
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